Mahi Mahi/PulliMotha

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  • Weight around 7 kg-13kg
  • Useful for to Make Grills,steaks etc
  • Rich in Vitamins,Proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids.
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Mahi Mahi fish or Puli Motha fish is very flattering not similar like other fish and  it has a very neutral smell,but the taste is like heaven and the bone is very low, so it is widely used for steaks, fillets, etc. it is favorite fish among the high Restaurants. Fish is usually weights around 7 kg-13 kg. pulli Motha Fish is very rich in Minerals,Vitamins,omega 3 fatty acids and Proteins Niacin, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus, and Selenium so So it  is good for Maintaining good health.Pulli motha fish can be prepared by using our instant fish curry paste.To prepare the fish curry Marinated fish pieces with turmeric powder and Salt. In a Pan Mix the curry paste with hot water put cocoum,Boil for 15 minutes.To prepare the pulli motha steak,In a pan Melt  both olive oil and butter and Place the Motha Fillet on the pan (marinated with Pepper and salt)  and fry till it becomes golden brown.You can add chilli flakes if you need.Due to the less bones, fish is good for to make steak,fillets ,grills etc. Pulli motha is good for to Make salads. The common kerala fish curries name examples are Meen mulakittathu,Meen tenga arachath etc.


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