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    Appam Podi

    Plain Appam or Vella Appam are bowl-shaped thin pancakes made from fermented rice flour. They derive their shape from the small appachatti in which they are cooked.

    40.00 / 500gm

    Appam Podi

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    Puttu Podi(puttu flour)

    Puttu means “portioned” in Malayalam. It is made of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut shavings, sometimes with a sweet or savory filling on the inside.

    40.00 / 500gm
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    Maida Flour

    Freshstore Kochi Presents Maida Flour which can be used in Preparation Lot of Maida items Rs:70/kg online Delivery within the Ernakulam City.

    35.00 / 500gm

    Maida Flour

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  • Celery

    celery is a green vegetable with a lot of benefits.it has a long fibrous stalk with leaves. it is rich in vitamins and Minerals and has a low glycemic index.it has anti-inflammation Properties.

    50.00 / 250gm


    50.00 / 250gm Read more
  • Mint leaves

    Mint is an aromatic herb used for different purposes. Spearmint and curly mint are the commonly used herb for cooking and beverages. Peppermint is too strong can be used in many culinary purposes.


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